Little Man

The cafe where every dish looks alluring.

Nestled in the cute and cosy west-side town of Seddon, Little Man Cafe is a true embodiment of a home away from home. With a humble heart, Little Man Cafe keeps it simple, while still making a significant impact on the local community.


Little Man




The Brief

The concept for Little Man was stringing individual shots together in the feed, resulting in a perfect blend of visual and written story-telling — through which viewers can get a genuine and atmospheric feel. Expect to see many hero shots: perhaps of indulgent espresso decending into milk, or perfectly crispy french toast sizzling away.

Barista making coffee art on cappuccino
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The Work

In our photography with Little Man Cafe, we have created a light-filled, pared-back, and relaxed atmosphere – reflecting the ambience of the cafe. Through our ongoing relationship with Little Man, we craft content that develops alongside the business, whilst focusing on their constant aspects (including exquisite coffees and delectable brunch items).

Man holding "Little Man Coffee" parcel
Gourmet hamburger with melted cheese shot in dynamic lighting
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