Mr Jackson


A meeting place for those who love to enjoy brunch relaxing by the bay. Mr Jackson serves an all-day menu that includes sweets, savoury and a drinks menu to take you from early mornings to “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” - Take a seat under the big plane tree and have your food brought to you or take it away and enjoy it in front of the beach that’s only a couple of minutes away.


Mr Jackson




The Brief

Brunch along the bay may seem like a summertime thing but it doesn't have to be! Mr Jackson set us a task to keep the account active and vibrant all year around. They wanted to be portrayed as a fun and trendy venue that was well loved by the community and open to travellers passing by.

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The Work

We’ve worked with Mr Jackson to create visuals for their social media that emulate the beach lifestyle; warm-toned photos oozing in sunny yellows, and aerial shots of Mornington’s inviting waters that result in an aesthetic that takes you by the hand and invites you in. The combination of organic content with paid campaigns through weekly boostings completed by the agency has grown their Melbourne audience, making it a ‘must visit’ brunch spot whenever they plan to getaway to the Peninsula.

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