Kealba Hotel

Steak night three days a week.

If it’s one thing Kealba hotel loves it’s got to be their steak nights. Offering porterhouse and premium steaks every Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, you’d want to make sure you’re not cooking dinner on those days.


Kealba Hotel




The Brief

Moving away from phone quality images, the team at Kealba hotel were after captivating content that packed a punch. With also limited engagement on the account, we were tasked to implement strategies to improve their overall engagement.

Beer frothing in Headstart glass
Sliced pepperoni pizza
Drizzling lemon on barbecued prawns
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The Work

To improve engagement, our strategy consisted of eye-catching photography and informative yet casual copywriting. Paired with the implementation of a ‘UGC campaign’, we were able to take a proactive approach in reaching new audiences.

Beef roast with mashed potatoes
Cheeseburger on serving board
Glazed ribs (bone in) served with corn
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