Dingley Hotel

Not your usual pub.

Ever been to a pub that offers wood-fire pizza? Well, The Dingley Hotel does them and they do a very great job at it. The pub features a lounge bar, alfresco and beer garden, making it the go-to spot on nights where you dont want to travel too far but still want to feel like you’re at a resort somewhere sipping on cocktails.


Dingley Hotel




The Brief

Positioning themselves as a contemporary establishment that serves high quality pub fare, they were after a social media revamp that would reflect who they are as a brand.

Fried chips and calamari with tartar sauce
Woman holding glass of white wine in front of gourmet food
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The Work

Through an intentional shot list, we were able to capture elements of the space and the menu in a way that portrayed their point in difference. Keeping their followers up to date on venue events and establishing a clear tone of voice that was friendly and casual, has also contributed to the overall positive impression of the account.

Woman holding slice of rocket and prosciutto pizza
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