Cafe Toro

Not your regular service station.

For those looking to be seriously impressed, visit Cafe Toro across five different Perth BP locations to be truly blown away by the standards they have set for themselves.Avoiding the trap of cheap, quick, and unhealthy service station food, family-run Cafe Toro is dedicated to providing fresh produce and custom-made food, as well as deliciously barista-made coffee.


Cafe Toro




The Brief

Really focusing on the ‘service’ in service station, Cafe Toro aims to make every traveller that passes through its doors feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Cafe Toro approached us wanting to build a strong online presence and a fresh look that spoke to their mission.

Line of cars going through carwash
Rustic cafe menu on wooden blackboard
Car tyres being spray washed
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The Work

Through repeat photoshoots, UGC content, and reposting from big brands, we have worked with Cafe Toro to create a bright and colourful aesthetic and paired it with warm and inviting copywriting to draw in the Perth community.

Over-the-shoulder view of barista foaming milk for coffee
Cafe Toro's cold beverage selection in refrigerators
Cafe worker assembling sandwiches as seen in reflection
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